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Jun 27, 2017

Show Notes:

In this episode of the podcast, I'm joined by none other than Ricardo Morales, who is the Principal Clarinetist of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Not only is Ricardo one of the most sought-after clarinetists of his generation, but he's also one of the few people in the world who has had the chance to literally design his own instrument. The collaboration between Ricardo Morales and Backun Musical Services led to the world-renknown (and Canadian-made) Backun MoBa clarinet series.

We discuss what it was like collaborating with Morrie Backun, including why he prefers Cocobolo to Grenadilla, and the interesting reason why he, at first ,asked Morrie to dye his red cocobolo instrument black. Ricardo shares many insightful and inspirational moments about music, life, practicing, and much more.